Sinopec L-DAB Air Compressor Oil

Sinopec L-DAB Air Compressor Oil

Sinopec L-DAB Air Compressor Oil

Sinopec L-DAB Air Compressor Oil is blended with highly refined mineral base oil and well-chosen additive. It is suitable for lubrication of various stationary or mobile type reciprocating compressors. Moreover the product comprises several grades such as 32, 46, 68, 100, 150 and 220 according to its kinematic viscosity at 40°C.

Performance Characteristics:

  • Outstanding anti-wear performance, providing better protection for air compressor
  • Outstanding thermal/oxidation stability, Ensuring not to form carbon deposit in high temperature condition
  • Good anti-rust and anti-corrosion performance, preventing cylinder and vent valve from corrosion and rust
  • Good anti- emulsification performance, fast separates water in circulation system.


  • Suitable for lubrication and sealing of crankcases and cylinder parts of moderate duty reciprocating air compressors involved in such industries as petrochemical engineering and ferrous metallurgy, etc.
  • Lubrication of small-type piston air compressors and rotary sliding- vane compressor in common industries as well as lubrication of some plunger type delivery pumps

Typical Data:

Item L-DAB Air Compressor Oil

ISO viscosity grade





Kinematic viscosity (40° C ),mm²/s





Flash point (COC), °C





Pour point,°C





Copper Corrosion(100°C, 3h), Grade

1b 1b 1b 1b

Rust prevention (distilled water, method A)

No rust No rust No rust No rust

Water seperatability (40-37-3, 82°C )min

10 10 10 10

Sulfated ash (mass fraction)%

0.12 0.13 0.15 0.12

Technical Specifications:

The product meets the following specifications:

  • GB 12691-90 (L- DAB)
  • Q/SH PRD107-2008
  • DIN 51506- 85

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