Sinopec Automatic Transmission Fluid - ATF III-H

Sinopec Automatic Transmission Fluid 111-H

Sinopec Automatic Transmission Fluid - ATF III-H

Sinopec Automatic Transmission Fluid - ATF III-H is a multifunctional fluid. Which is formulated with high viscosity index synthetic base oil and selected additives. This ATF IIIH is suitable for use in the automatic transmission systems of many vehicles, and in some power steering and hydraulic systems.

Features & Benefits:

  • Outstanding oxidation stability, thermal stability and detergency ensure long fluid life and prevent the buildup of deposits.
  • Excellent frictional characteristics improve transmission efficiency and shifting performance, and ensure consistent, reliable, trouble- free operation of transmission systems.
  • Excellent anti-wear performance and good oil film strength protect components from wear and ensure long transmission life.
  • Very good low- temperature properties protect against wear under cold start-up and running conditions and ensure good low-temperature shift performance.
  • Effective control of foaming ensures good transfer of power and shifting performance, and reduces fluid loss in severe service conditions.
  • Fully compatible with common seal materials found in transmission systems, to extend seal life and prevent fluid leakage.


Sinopec Automatic Transmission Fluid 111-H is suitable for use in:

  • All vehicles where GM DEXRON° Ill, Ford MERCON° or Allison C-4 fluids are required.
  • Four-, five-. and some six-,peed automatic transmissions used in US, Japanese and some Europe an passenger cars.
  • Power steering units of some passenger cars.
  • Many automatic transmissions, power steering and hydraulics systems in heavy -duty vehicles used, for example, in the construction industry.
  • Hydrostatic drives and hydraulic systems in industrial, agricultural, mining and marine applications where GMDEXRON° Ill, Ford MERCON° or Allison C-4 is specified.
  • Some specific hydraulic systems that require an ISO VG 32,46 or 68 fluid.
  • Not recommended for use in continuously variable transmission(CVT) systems.

Typical Data:

Kinematic viscosity, ASTM D 445






Viscosity, Brookfield, ASTM O 2983


cP @ - 30°C  


cP @ - 40°C  


VIscosity lndex ASTM D 2270


Copper corrosion, 3 hour 150°C, ASTM D 130


Pour point, °C, ASTM D 130


Flash point (COC),°C, ASTM D 92


Density @l 20° /I, ASTM D 4052




** These data are given as an indication of typical values and not as exact specifications.

Industry & OEM Specifications:

Sinopec Automatic Transmission Fluid 111-H meets the perfomance requirements of the following OEM specifications
Allison C-4

1998 to 2004: Most except as noted

2005 to 2006: 4 cyl altima, 4-speed Maxima, 4-speed Quest

Subaru Before 2005, Most except as noted

1995 to 1998: 850, 940, 960, 70, 90 Series

1999 to 2000: V50, V70, V7OR and X70 with AW50-42 or AW42AWD; C70

1999 to 2005: S80 with 4T65EV, XC90 with 4D65AWD, S70 with AW50-42 or AW42AWD

Sinopec Automatic Transmission Fluid 111-H holds the following OEM approvals:



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